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World Veterans Federation (WVF)

The World Veterans Federation (WVF) is an international non-governmental organization which brings together associations of those who have experienced the sufferings of war, fighting side by side or facing each other in combat, and who want to contribute to the establishment of a more peaceful,...

Mory Europa Belgium

Mory Europa Belgium, a Belgian affiliate of the Mory Group, provides sea and overland freight forwarding services throughout Europe.

Custom Mobile Food Equipment

Custom Mobile Food Equipment offers disaster relief and emergency service vehicles for mobile food deliveries.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) - Spain

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International is an independent humanitarian agency established in 1984 for the specific purposes of individual and community development and disaster relief. ADRA helps people in need, particularly women, children, and the elderly. ADRA serves...

Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC)

Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC) works to ensure a better future for children in Kurdistan through improving their family, economic, social, psychological, health, education, and housing conditions. KSC has registered the Kurdistan Children’s Fund (KCF) in the United Kingdom as an international...

United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS)

UNMAS serves as the UN focal point for mine action and to support the UN's vision of "a world free of the threat of landmines and unexploded ordnance, where individuals and communities live in a safe environment conducive to development, and where mine survivors are fully integrated into their...

International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO)

International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO), an independent non-political organisation, offers a wide range of humanitarian services for people all over the world regardless of their race, or nationality. IICO provides assistance to the needy in social, economical, educational, medical, and...

Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB)

Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) is a collaborative effort of seven humanitarian agencies (CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Save the Children and World Vision) aimed at improving the speed, effectiveness and delivery of humanitarian response programs. The ECB implements...


InterAction is a coalition of over 165 USA-based non-profit organisations working worldwide. The organisation has formulated a code of best practice for their members known as the InterAction PVO Standards.

CARE - Malawi

CARE Malawi is a country office with unique programming approaches in the following areas: food security, agriculture, education, economic empowerment (especially in women), social protection and emegency response with the funding from donors including EU, USAID, AusAID, DfiD, CARE Canada and CARE...

Everybody Company

The Everybody Company provides caskets to meet civil preparedness demands for federal & local governments, relief organizations and professional Disaster & Emergency Management companies.

Fujairah Welfare Association

The Fujairah Welfare Association is a charity based in the United Arab Emirates. The Association assists widows and destitute families to set up small enterprises and to undertake retraining, for example, in IT. The Association also helps with donations of food and blankets in local relief efforts.

Opportunities Industrialization Centres - Niger

Opportunities Industrialization Centres (OIC) is an international organisation working to fight poverty in rural populations through increased agricultural production and micro-finance support programs. In Niger, OIC works with grass roots organisations providing support to women's groups. OIC also... enables individuals and business to explore different ways to help the community: how to make a donation, how to get involved, how and where to join in and support their community, so that they can give more, smarter and better. It also offers commission-free donation facility for...

Doulton USA

Doulton USA produces a range of economical water treatment systems which can be used in a number of different environments.

European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (EVHAC)

The establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (EVHAC) has been proposed by the European Commission as part of its humanitarian assistance effort. It has selected three of its main partner organisations in Humanitarian Aid to run the first pilot projects and recruit, select, train...

China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF)

The China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) the CYDF is committed to the well being and development of Chinese youth, primarily with regards to education, health, environmental protection, volunteerism and engagement. Its largest program, Project Hope, ensures that children and youth in rural...

Aldeas Infantiles SOS - Ecuador

Aldeas Infantiles is a member of SOS Kinderdorf International, and works in accordance with its statutes and principles for education and child care. Aldeas Infantiles has been working in Ecuador since 1963. In Ecuador, the organization has various Children's Villages, Youth Facilities,...

Aldeas Infantiles SOS - Guatemala

'Aldeas Infantiles' is a member of SOS Kinderdorf International, and works in accordance with its statutes and principles for education and child care. Aldeas Infantiles has been working in Guatemala since 1976 when the first Children's Village was constructed. Currently the organisation's... matches volunteers to volunteer opportunities and helps organisations recruit volunteers through online volunteer matching.