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Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH)


Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH) is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan tertiary educational institution in the breakaway republic of Somaliland. The University was founded in the year 2000 under name of "Hargeisa College of Applied Arts and Technology. SUTECH aims to provide...

STEP (Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity)


STEP (Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity) is a Pakistani NGO based in Faisalabad. STEP aims to raise awareness in the deprived and marginalised sections of the community, including women. STEP focuses on education, health and general self-development. STEP Vision: STEP envisions...

VODA Uganda (Volunteers for Development Association in Uganda)


VODA Uganda is a community based organisation serving the poor and disadvantaged children and their families in Namuganga subcounty, a rural part of Mukono District. VODA empowers the poor with skills to enable them to identify, explore and utilise their potential in addressing the problems...

Renew Faith Organisation International


Renew Faith Organisation International is a non-governmental organisation operating in Senegal and India. The main focus of Renew Faith is on education, shelter, food and medical treatment. The organisation provides services for orphans and street kids, older people, people with leprosy or mental...

Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD)


The Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD) is a registered NGO working for women's empowerment in Kancheepuram and Thiruvannamalai Districts of Tamilnadu, India. The organisation is certified by the Credibility Alliance for its good governance. It has formed 200 women's,...

San Joaquin National High School Alumni Association


San Joaquin National High School Alumni Association supports and helps to equip the school with teaching materials such as computers, LCD projectors, televisions and related equipment so students from this poor area can compete with urban students.

Creative Hands


Creative Hands ia a Nepalese charity that builds and operates schools, aims to improve family health and welfare, protects street children’s rights, and provides assistance to disabled people who cannot work. The organisation provides food, clothing, fresh water, health care, and educational...

Volunteer Service and Support Nepal (VSSN)


Volunteer Service and Support Nepal (VSSN) is a non-profit organization founded by a group of development specialists, social workers, cultural and tourism experts and ex-volunteers, that raises funds to provide programs and services to children and families, schools, orphanages, health centers...

Keng Foundation (KF)


Some of objectives of the association are; 1. Making a contribution to poor and underprivileged people by providing them education and basic healthcare facilities such as portable drinking water to promoting basic sanitary facilities; 2. Designing and implementing prevention strategies against...

Pymble Ladies' College


Pymble Ladies' College, a private girls school located in Pymble - a Sydney suburb, offers new and used school uniforms, which have been just made redundant, free of charge to needy schools or related organisations.