STEP (Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity)

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STEP (Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity) is a Pakistani NGO based in Faisalabad. STEP aims to raise awareness in the deprived and marginalised sections of the community, including women. STEP focuses on education, health and general self-development.

STEP Vision:
STEP envisions the empowering of ignored and deprived communities.

STEP Mission:
STEP’S mission is to honour ignored and deprived communities by involving them in their developmental programs.

v To raise awareness of the importance of Education.
v To help people to find out the root causes of their poverty and provide skills training and oportunities for economic development.
v To assist communities to improve their primary Health.
v To assist in the provision of self-development & women Empowerment Programs.
v To raise awareness about Human Rights.
v To rehabilitate special people for making them a healthy part of society.


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