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New women's sunglasses in France Verified non-profit organisation

11 loose cartons of men's and women's sunglasses are available for donation in the EU. The receiving NGO would need to arrange and pay for transportation of the goods from France.

14 boxes of Peritoneal Dialysis kits, sealed and in date, for donation in North Cornwall, UK. Verified non-profit organisation

An individual would like to donate 14 boxes (van load) of new, in date sealed dialysis equipment. The boxes contain multiple complete sets of necessary equipment for Peritoneal Dialysis. The fluid boxes contain Dianeal, Nutrineal and Extraneal. Relevant paperwork can be provided.

NHS Hospital assisting to buy medical supplies for Ukraine Verified non-profit organisation

A Hospital in Dartford would like to assist NGOs needing medical supplies by offering to buy the goods through their network. The NGOs would need to cover the cost but would benefit from the buyer's expertise and negotiated costs, teams of volunteers sorting and packing the goods, and the...

Company donating large quantity of sustainable hygiene kits for Ukraine Verified non-profit organisation

A UK company would like to partners with NGOs in Ukraine or in the neighbouring countries to donate large quantities of sustainable Hygiene kits containing: soap bar, shampoo and conditioner and Bamboo Comb.

Cleaning and PPE equipment of various types available in Leavesden , UK Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate a small trucksize load of cleaning and PPE supplies. The goods include Wipes, Sanitizer (1L and 4 galons), Gloves, Gowns and Visors, as well as some large empty Plastic Boxes.

27 pallets of Hand Sanitizer available in Haworth, UK

We have a surplus stock of hand sanitiser that we would like to donate. There is 27/28 pallets (995 boxes x 96 120ml bottles).

Company donating essential goods to the Middle East

A company would like to organize a collection of essential goods to support and NGO working in Syria, Yemen or Palestine. They would like to colect the goods that are most needed there and need to partner with an NGO.

155,000 KN95 medical grade Masks available in Birmingham

Donate 155,000 KN95 medical grade masks. We are seeking a partner to transport the 19 pallets of masks.

Small business offering donation of 1400ltr hand sanitiser

I would like to donate hand sanitiser to help Ukraine. We have 1400 x 1ltr plastic bottles of 80% rubbing alcohol hand sanitiser ready to go. These are packed in cardboard boxes, six bottles per box, and fill three pallets. Please see images to get a better idea of the product Thank you, and...

Offer of hand sanitiser to Ukraine

We are the largest independent electrical wholesaler in the UK and have a surplus of 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser following the Covid outbreak. We would be happy to donate 1,000 x 500ml bottles to the population of Ukraine.