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267 pairs of branded sports shoes in Singapore Verified non-profit organisation


A company has 267 pairs of branded athletic shoes of assorted size available in their warehouse in Singapore. They are looking to offer them to an NGO.

Second hand baby clothes available in London Verified non-profit organisation


A donor has several sets of baby clothes for both girls and boys. The clothes are second hand but in a good state.

Pre-school Furniture and educational equipment available near Leeds (England) Verified non-profit organisation


An organisation would like to donate pre-school equipment books and different items of furniture such as tables and chairs. All the items should be collected from Dewsbury Yorkshire.

Office furniture in Singapore Verified non-profit organisation


A company would like to donate a range of office furniture, mostly meeting tables, workstation and chairs, which is located in Singapore.

Adjustable desks in Singapore Verified non-profit organisation


6 pairs of adjustable desks

Second hand white short wellies in the UK Verified non-profit organisation


We would like to donate white short wellies in the UK. The organisation will need to collect the offer from the various places in the UK. The number will be confirmed by collection.

Medical equipment and supplies available from Australia


MedEarth is an Australian environmental and humanitarian charity that recovers usable medical equipment and supplies that hospitals no longer want and would otherwise be destined for landfill and redistributes them to developing countries where they can save and improve lives. Information on how to...

Supporting Children through Graphics design and Creativity


We are ready to design anything for an African organization in the line of supporting children. We design Brochures, Posters, Awareness T-shirts among others. Those interested please provide the details of the artwork.

Used airline blankets - located in Hong Kong Verified non-profit organisation


We have about 1600 airline blankets located in Hong Kong. They are a mix of mainly 2 sizes and rather thin blankets. There is no cost for the product but the recipient must have the full financial capacity to arrange a 20 foot container from Hong Kong.

Effective Management of Development Projects


I would like to run a program for Development Professionals on "Systems Approach to Project and Program Management" in NGO sector using PMDPro Standard and equip them to improve their leadership and managerial effectiveness