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What help are you offering?

If your offer is related to the Ukraine crisis, please read some important material first.

Areas of relevance to this offer

Please choose the fields that are the closest fit to your interest in helping.

  • Disasters (click to open)

    Tip: As well as responding to a disaster that currently has world focus, you might consider other forms of engagement.
    Looking back, there are many "forgotten" disasters where there is immense suffering because they are no longer in the public eye.
    Looking forward, there are many areas at risk where proactive intervention, taken now, may prevent or minimise disaster damage, later.

    Disasters currently receiving most active interest on this website

  • Global issues (click to open)
    eg crop growing; livestock farming; horticulture; fisheries; algaculture; mariculture; sustainable forest management; plantations and farm forestry; forest products and services
    eg corporate governance; establishing standards and compliance; strengthening rule of law; anti-drug trafficking; crop monitoring; crime prevention; justice and prison reform; intellectual property
    eg music; theatre; cultural heritage; intangible heritage; cultural diversity; intercultural dialogue
    eg children in conflict and emergencies; child protection; juvenile justice; youth violence and welfare; juvenile delinquency; family planning; intergenerational relations; strengthening family development; aging populations
    eg social services; faith-based activities; community building; participation; community mobilisation; developing community leadership; building social capital; social networking; capacity building
    eg care for people with physical and intellectual disabilities; rehabilitation; accessibility; awareness raising
    eg early warning systems; disaster risk reduction; mitigation measures; pre-positioning and preparedness; stockpiling; mobilising resources; needs assessment; evacuation; emergency/disaster response and coordination
    eg literacy; access to education for all; primary education; secondary/higher education; in-service teacher training; production of education and learning materials; curriculum development; education for sustainable development; quality education; trainin
    eg renewable energy; soft energy solutions; bioenergy; wind energy; energy conservation and efficiency; energy distribution; electrification; nuclear science and technology
    eg environmental sustainability; biodiversity; weather and climate; natural resource management; sustainable consumption; cleaner production; habitat loss; recycling; environmental policy; environmental impact assessment
    eg access to capital; microfinance; insurance; increasing financial capacity; financial literacy training
    eg food access; nutritional technical assistance; severe malnutrition; infant feeding; micronutrient deficiencies
    eg gender equality and empowering women; advocacy on gender issues; addressing gender-based violence; addressing harmful traditional practices
    eg antiretroviral therapy; access to health care; disease control and prevention; preventive education; maternal health; child health; vaccines; immunisation programmes; rehabilitation; epidemiology; improving hygiene; provision of drugs and medical equi
    eg minority rights; freedom of opinion and expression; freedom of religion and belief
    eg technical support and networking; data sharing and storage; disaster management software; telephone, mobile and satellite technology; postal service; universal access to media; free and pluralistic media and infostructure
    eg social entrepreneurship; job creation; enterprise development (micro, small and medium); income generation; fair contract negotiation
    eg prevention of occupational accidents; child labour; workplace rights; working conditions
    eg human-traffic prevention; resettlement assistance; migration health; labour migration; issues related to rural-urban migration
    eg demining; victim assistance; mine-risk education; awareness raising
    eg FDI in post conflict societies; conflict-prevention; peacebuilding; investments to promote social cohesion; international diplomacy; mediation in international conflicts; peacekeeping operations; negotiating international treaties
    eg refugee shelter; resettlement and local integration; repatriation and assisting returnees; refugee and internally displaced persons humanitarian law
    eg human settlements; land rights and tenure; sustainable urban development; building construction and maintenance; architecture; surveying; urban regeneration
    eg sports for development; anti-doping; physical education and sports; equality in sports; sports and leisure infrastructure; sustainable tourism; tourism and employment creation
    eg trade-related technical assistance; strengthening export sectors in developing countries; engaging for fairer trade tariffs; trade capacity building
    eg land transport; water transport; air transport; warehousing; supply chain management; transport safety and security
    eg water quality and contamination; water supply management; wastewater disposal and water reuse; supply and sanitation
  • Regions / countries / territories (click to open)


Choose those that come closest to describing the way you would like to partner.


e.g. Company initiative to advocate cleaner oceans.
Business offering core competencies for capacity building.
Project funding partnership offered to address global warming.
Business partnership sought to promote MDGs in sub Saharan Africa.


You may be considering collaboration of a few days or weeks, months or years. It is helpful for prospective partners to know.

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