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South Asia Earthquake: Product on Offer - October, 2005

Goods and shipping offered to registered Global Hand members.

A Global Hand for Tsunami Victims - April, 2005

Companies reach out to offer goods to those affected.

Current Offers and Freight Needs - February, 2005

Goods available for Global Hand members.

Global Hand & the Tsunami Crisis: Product on Offer - January, 2005

Generous response from the international community.

Global Hand European Conference - January, 2005

Global Hand European conference, Vienna, February 4th and 5th, 2005.

More Donated Product On Global Hand - September, 2004

New developments underway! This is a longer news article than usual.

Global Hand On The Silk Road - August, 2004

Global Hand introduced in Central Asia.

Right aid? Wrong aid? - June, 2004

Developing standards for humanitarian aid.

Global Hand Version Two - November, 2005

Global Hand extends its services.

China's Humanitarian Groups - May, 2004

Library information with a focus on China.

Global Hand Version 1.9 - December, 2003

As we enter the New Year, Global Hand invites you to visit version 1.9 of its site, the penultimate version of our current series.

Humanitarian Customs Information - November, 2003

Global Hand's customs guide for humanitarian aid, listing over 130 countries, with the balance under research.

Conferences - September, 2003

Interested in attending humanitarian conferences? Want to network with like-minded groups? Or hosting an event that you want to publicise?

Update from Sichuan, China - July, 2008

More than a month after the quake that struck Sichuan province, there is much that Global Hand members can do to help. Currently, there are a reported five million homeless, almost 70,000 dead, and thousands more missing.

Customs - Afghanistan, Cuba & Iran - February, 2004

Global Hand has sought to help ease logistics challenges by providing information from countries about their customs requirements. For several reasons, the process of gathering this information is difficult...

Brothers' Keepers? Media and Forgotten Disasters - February, 2008

Global Hand began this year by attending the International Aid and Trade event in Geneva. Sally Begbie spoke at the meeting on Media and Forgotten Disasters.

Global Hand News - April, 2006

We are often asked what kind of activity we see on Global Hand. So we have drawn up a very brief overview which you, too, are welcome to use if it is helpful.

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New Partnership with the United Nations - January, 2010

(14 January 2010) Today sees the launch of a new website which Global Hand has built for the United Nations: