Global Hand & the Tsunami Crisis: Product on Offer - January, 2005

Generous response from the international community.

Business companies have been somewhat frustrated, in the wake of the tsunami crisis, when they have offered product to NGOs and been told they should give only money.

They have expressed gratitude in knowing that many of you, in the Global Hand network, would like to know about the product they have on offer.

Offers on the site, at the time of writing, include water purification tablets, face masks, soap, water, generators, hydraulic hospital beds, commercial dishwashers and cooking equipment, water tanks, vitamins, calcium tablets, fabric, boots and clothing: t-shirts, polo shirts, items for women and children.
  • If your organisation is registered with Global Hand at the red or yellow levels you would have received notification as offers become available. You are welcome to access these goods.
  • If your organisation is not registered at the red or yellow level, however, you will not have been hearing of these offers, or others like them, as they become available. Nor will you have access to the goods.

[Note: Some organisations who began registration as a red or yellow member, have not realised they have not yet completed their documentation process, even though they would have liked to. If you are in that category, please let us know so we can help you finalise your paperwork.]

With new offers coming on to the site, we don’t want any to miss out who can use valuable product in your relief and re-development efforts.

Ongoing Tsunami Activity

  • You can find information about other organisations involved in the tsunami crisis in our at REACT pages
  • If you would like to be represented there, or would like to update the information already posted on your organisation’s activity and current needs, please let us know at
  • If you have questions about the tsunami crisis, you are welcome to write to Global Hand at
  • If you would like to formalise your membership, so that you can have access to other product on the site, please write to us at

Yours sincerely,
Global Hand