Christian Communication Centre

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The Christian Communication Centre is a faith based charity development organisation operating in Northern Uganda with network and connections into Eastern DRC and South Sudan. As a charity organization our primary mission is to provide services to help people displaced by conflicts, war and disaster or devastated by poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in rebuild their lives.

The organization distributes relief aid, provides educational support to orphans and vulnerable children, and helps care givers. Our vision is a society where all children and young people who face disadvantage in their lives have a safe, happy and secure childhood and are supported to realise their potential.

The organization invites partners from across the globe to work alongside its outreach program activities to vulnerable communities, including IDPs and Refugees whose livelihoods has been affected by armed conflict, war, diseases and HIV/AIDS, poverty and disaster.

We work with both faith based and secular organizations with similar objectives and goal to see fellow humanity disadvantaged by conflict and disaster return to a life of normalcy and recovery through sustainable development that gives back hope for better future.

Your support will go a long way to settle some needy child and their family back to secure and firm foundation of integral growth and development which offers rewarding livelihood dividend.

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Less than 500,000

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Missions with Africa, Inc ; Nascent Solutions, Inc

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