Empowerment For the Poor-Uganda

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Empowerment for the Poor-Uganda exists to empower women and youth in Uganda by providing them with spaces and resources that enable them to effectively participate in their family and community development processes which strengthens their economic resilience and to lead them live successful, respectful and dignified lives.

Being a leading Organization for women and youth empowerment in Uganda, enabling them to live productive, respectful and dignified lives

Strategic objectives
Objective 1. To promote entrepreneurship and work readiness/soft skills for job creation and self-reliance among youth and women

Objective 2. To promote agriculture productivity among women and youth while safeguarding the environment and empower them to participate in agriculture value chain and business for their socio-economic transformation

Objective 3. To increase access, retention and completeness to education among vulnerable children and youth through formal and accelerated education programs and vocational training for out of school youth

Objective 4. To promote critical health interventions in the community that prevention HIV infection, sexual reproductive health challenges among others.


Youth Entrepreneurship

This program involves building safe spaces for women and youth for connection, innovation and transformation.


Helping orphans and most vulnerable children to access education literacy, numeracy, and other essential life skills and also empowering their caretakers to fend for their children.


Reducing women’s and youth’s vulnerability to HIV infection, gender-based violence, and sexual reproductive health challenges.

Sustainable and conservation agriculture

Empowering women and youth with agronomy skills, support them with seeds and tools to increase agriculture productivity and ensure food security in their homes as well as support them to carry out agriculture as businesses to improve their standards of living.



Year established

April 2014

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Less than 500,000

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Anike Foundation TUNADO( The Uganda National Apiculture Development Association UNASO ( Uganda AIDS Service Organization CSP/ IREX African Civic Engagement Center

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