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Environment and climate change

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Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity (LBH) Foundation

«Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity (LBH) Foundation» is an independent, not for profit making, non-political, charitable associative organization and foundation, created in 2020 to help give better lives to the medically challenged and the underprivileged especially the vulnerable children...

NHF (National Humanitarian Foundation)

The NHF (National Humanitarian Foundation) is an NGO in Yemen. The organisation aims to contribute to the implementation of the 8 UN Millenium Development Goals. NHF's activities include work on human rights, environmental conservation and development.

Mission Evangélique Chrétienne Agape

Mission Evangélique Chrétienne Agape is a mission sending agency, training pastors and sending for evangelism and church planting. The agent focuses also on farming god's Way, business training, job creation, microfinance, health Care, education, vocational training, community health evangelism

Terre Des Anges

Terre Des Anges operates in the following six (06) areas : 1. Community Health; (rehabilitation and equipment of health centers, awareness and prevention against HIV/AIDS and chronic diseases 2.Education; (training, literacy, creation of AGR, monitoring and evaluation of projects, awareness...

Local Sustainable Communities Organization (LOSCO)

LOSCO is a Church not-for- profit Non- Government Organisation founded to bring about practical inclusive development through promoting inclusive policies and practices. LOSCO emerged as a result of informal discussions and sharing of experiences between Church Leaders, Social Workers and Local...

The East and Northern Family Association (TEANOFA)

1.0 ABOUT TEANOFA The East and Northern Family Association (TEANOFA) is a community-based Organization (CBO) that plays a leading role in a broader movement to create a new generation of engaged entrepreneurs prepared through both the formal schooling and non-formal adult and continuing education...

Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization

The Uganda Youth Skills Training Project is a small Ugandan NGO established to contribute to the improvement of young people’s lives through school and community based education with a focus on vocational and technical skills.

DOR Development Organization

To provide Biblical Education through Pastoral Care and Spiritual Growth the worshiping Community. To promote peace and harmony through interfaith and social cultural activities. To provide Emergency Relief programs in Trauma and Natural Disaster in Partnership with INGO's and other institutions.


NEWSUN is a non-governmental development organization that emerged at the beginning of this century in the spirit of the great liberation war in Khulna, the southernmost district of Bangladesh, as a result of the creation of an equal society free from exploitation and deprivation, the establishment...

Transform Youths Life Foundation

Transform Youths Life Foundation is a Christian NGO in Malawi. The Foundation works with children in remote areas, encouraging them to go back to school.

Save the Poor International (SPI) NGO

Save the Poor International (SPI), is a charitable entity, a non-profit, non-political and a non-governmental organization (NGO) legally registered with these government agencies; the Registrar General’s Department and the Department of Social Welfare in the Republic of Ghana. As one of the most...

PureTrust Foundation LBG

PureTrust Foundation LBG is an integrated service, advocacy and Community Foundations Development NGO established in Tamale Ghana, on June 2014 by nine local leaders. The vision of this foundation is to promote community action for the cause of equitable inclusive society in Ghana. Its mission is...

Community Support Center / CSC-Asbl

Community Support Center / CSC-Asbl is a non-profit organization founded on February 23 and registered at Local / Provincial level on May 17, 2016 under the number below: 112 / SKV / 6296. The Mission is to provide support, supervision and psychosocial support to children and young women and...


CadifKenya is an NGO that started by working with young professionals in slum areas aiming to build capacity and thus fight poverty within the community. CADIF currently runs three projects: an environmental awareness project, a computer literacy project and a computer digital literacy project,...

Solid Education Development Organization (SEDO)

This is a national nongovernmental organization, nonprofit and services delivery organization mainly established to seek the welfare of children, youths and adulthood as well as community development projects that enhances the livelihood of people. It has a professional staff with qualified skills...

Hope for Human Nature Generation

Our work is to voice and promotes effective humanitarian assistance Hope for Human Nature Generation is a Zambian youth based volunteer organization (registered No 117235) charitable NGO that seeks to improve people’s livelihoods. It is also registered under the NGO ACT NO. 16 of 2009 whose...


Solidarity of Refugees for Supervision and Development "SORED" in acronym Has the overall objective of contributing effectively to the promotion and improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable people in general and refugees in particular, in Burundi.

Emmanuel Educational Social Welfare & Charitable Trust

1.Pay Special Attention to the needs and aspirations of the socially and economically marginalised Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and other weaker segments of the society. Physically and mentally disabled persons, orphans and destitute with due focus on women and children. 2.To set up self...

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Business to offer provision of goods for sanitisation

We have a large volume of hand sanitiser stocks - both finished and unfinished products that we would like to donate.

Muhibbah Food Bank Malaysia Society Verified non-profit organisation

Muhibbah Food Bank Malaysia Society mainly rescues foods, furniture, home appliance and channel to indulgence people, refugee, welfare center and local community. We are actively involved in disaster aids program. We are ready with chiller truck, logistic team and warehouse. The slogan is : Zero...