Anh Duong Community Development and Support Center

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Anh Duong is a Vietnamese NGO that has poverty-reduction and community development in the poor and remote areas of Mekong delta of Vietnam as its goal. Anh Duong focuses its efforts on the poorest of the poor, regardless of religion or race.

Among this population, Anh Duong gives priority to disadvantaged children and women. Anh Duong’s staffs are Vietnamese and have a background in agriculture, aquaculture, health, microfinance and social work. This diversity allows Anh Duong to undertake a wide variety of projects in response to the needs identified by each community. They are highly motivated to helping the poor through sustainable development. Activities include the followings : training in sustainable agricultural techniques, training of Para-veterinarians, interest-free loans, environmental protection incentives focused on bio-gas, latrines, and wells, creating employment, action-theatre to promote awareness about gender equality and health issues, health education, and inclusive education.

Anh Duong has reached over thousands of very poor households. Its success is due to the field-based work of all the team members. The cooperation and trust between the village people and the staff is very strong because of the close involvement of the staff. They spend most of their time in the villages with the local people, providing continuous support and training to ensure the success of each project.


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