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Common Bond Institute (CBI) is a Non-Government Organization that focuses on increasing skills and services locally to promote social healing and conflict transformation, exploring human consciousness and relationship dynamics, and expanding public dialogue and awareness of critical issues.

A particular strength is in developing innovative psycho-social skills training and treatment models that build local capacity in regions of conflict and turmoil where human services are undeveloped or severely compromised due to disaster and where resources are scarce, and in working with large scale communal trauma. It is a leader in addressing the dynamics, implications, and approaches to healing communal and transgenerational trauma.

It provides networking, consulting, coordination, and policy recommendation support to assist emerging human service and civil society organizations in developing countries, and like-purposed NGOs.

Since 1990 CBI has organized and sponsored over 50 international, inter-disciplinary practical conferences, numerous professional skills training programs for local capacity building in human services and civil society, and related research. It provides strategic networking, consulting, coordination support to assist newly emerging human service and civil society organizations in developing countries and to like-purposed NGOs.

Over 26 years it has developed an extensive international and interdisciplinary network of NGOs, universities, training institutes, professional associations, research institutes, and individual expert colleagues to engage in and support our work.

Current focus is on developing and operating local capacity building psycho-social training and culturally adapted treatment services for refugees and asylum seekers in response to the crisis in the Middle East and Europe.

By design CBI is highly collaborative and historically promotes developing strategic partnerships with like-purposed organizations to serve those in need, including always partnering with local organizations within the recipient community.

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