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Peace and security

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Azad Foundation

Azad Foundation is a Non Profit Organization that develops innovative, demonstrative, replicable and impact-oriented solutions to resolve issues that are critical roadblocks towards unlocking India's Economic Potential. Azad Foundation believes that considerable positive change can occur when...

Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity (LBH) Foundation

«Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity (LBH) Foundation» is an independent, not for profit making, non-political, charitable associative organization and foundation, created in 2020 to help give better lives to the medically challenged and the underprivileged especially the vulnerable children...

Mission Evangélique Chrétienne Agape

Mission Evangélique Chrétienne Agape is a mission sending agency, training pastors and sending for evangelism and church planting. The agent focuses also on farming god's Way, business training, job creation, microfinance, health Care, education, vocational training, community health evangelism

Terre Des Anges

Terre Des Anges operates in the following six (06) areas : 1. Community Health; (rehabilitation and equipment of health centers, awareness and prevention against HIV/AIDS and chronic diseases 2.Education; (training, literacy, creation of AGR, monitoring and evaluation of projects, awareness...

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity is a humanitarian foundation existing for the purpose of contributing to complete and sustainable communities, through development and integration projects. The Foundation works with all members of the community including locals, refugees, and asylum seekers to achieve this...

DOR Development Organization

To provide Biblical Education through Pastoral Care and Spiritual Growth the worshiping Community. To promote peace and harmony through interfaith and social cultural activities. To provide Emergency Relief programs in Trauma and Natural Disaster in Partnership with INGO's and other institutions.

Healthcare Relief

Healthcare4Africa (HC4A) is registered as an UK charity (1135979) focusing purely on the relief of poverty and sickness and the promotion and preservation of good health for the benefit of the public, in particular but not exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa, by the provision of healthcare centres...

Transform Youths Life Foundation

Transform Youths Life Foundation is a Christian NGO in Malawi. The Foundation works with children in remote areas, encouraging them to go back to school.

The Mawoudit Foundation (MF-SS)

THE MAWOUDIT FOUNDATION is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization founded in 2018 to promote girl-child education, Advocating for environmental protection, Renewable energy, providing sports clothes, scholarship, child sponsorship, and helping poor people in South Sudan.

Solid Education Development Organization (SEDO)

This is a national nongovernmental organization, nonprofit and services delivery organization mainly established to seek the welfare of children, youths and adulthood as well as community development projects that enhances the livelihood of people. It has a professional staff with qualified skills...


Solidarity of Refugees for Supervision and Development "SORED" in acronym Has the overall objective of contributing effectively to the promotion and improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable people in general and refugees in particular, in Burundi.

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Business to offer provision of goods for sanitisation

We have a large volume of hand sanitiser stocks - both finished and unfinished products that we would like to donate.

HEAPIDER-Concern, Inc.

HEAPIDER-Concern, Inc. is a Liberian grassroots development and relief organization with the vision “Concerned for Positive Transformation of Liberians and the Environment”; working under the mission “To renew and make better the lives of all Liberians including the physically challenged in...

Programme d'Appui à la Lutte contre la Pauvreté pour l'Emergence et la Restauration d'un développement durable, en sigle PALPER asbl-RDC

Programme d'Appui à la Lutte contre la Pauvreté pour l'Emergence et la Restauration d'un développement durable, en sigle PALPER asbl-RDC, is a non profit organization who are based in DRC Republic Democratic of the Congo. The organization helps vulnerable people in difficult situations and...

Mark Harwood Photography

Creative documentary photography undertaken on behalf of humanitarian and environmental agencies and charities. Mark is a multi award winning professional photographer with several decades of experience who is now donating his services to good causes worldwide. Also able to write creatively.

International American Relief Society IARS

The international American Relief society IARS is a humanitarian organization specialized in tackling poverty worldwide. IARS saves the lives of underpriviledged people and their families and works with them to preserve and restore their livelihoods with dignity. In situations of conflict,...

Vision de Jeunes pour le Developpement V.J.D

Vision de Jeunes pour le Developpement (VJD)'s mission is to initiate young girls and boys in business as well as professions. These supervised activities help them build family dependence as well as resistance against any other temptations that could influence them in disorders such as:...

Zo Indigenous Forum (ZIF)

Zo Indigenous Forum (ZIF) is a human rights-based indigenous people’s organization founded in 2009 in Mizoram, Northeast India. Its main objective is for the protection of and promotion of human rights, in particular to the social, economic and cultural rights of Zo indigenous peoples. Its...


PALPER asbl-RDC is non profit organization working in DRC Republic Democratic of the Congo, North Kivu province. The organization helps vulnerable people in difficult situations and catastrophes. It is currently working in on improving lives by developing access to: education, health,...

Tree Uganda Academy (TUA)

Tree Uganda Academy (TUA) is an eco-inclusive, social action, research and advocacy youth led conservation and agriculture organization. It was first established in September 2015 to aid and philanthropy community led conservation and poverty alleviation through sustainable agriculture. The...