ECLT Foundation (Eliminating ChildLabour in Tobacco-growing countries)

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ECLT Foundation was launched in 2001 in Geneva and is a multi-stakeholder partnership of trade unions, growers and companies that helps vulnerable children in tobacco regions get a better chance in life. With the ILO as advisor, projects focus on three main areas of work: supporting field projects, funding independent research, and publishing lessons learned.

ECLT has a unique, integrated approach to addressing child labor by supporting comprehensive, locally managed programs in tobacco growing areas.

The activities of the ECLT Foundation are driven by ten guiding principles, which aim to reduce the use of child labor:

1. Building multi stakeholder partnerships
2. Raising awareness on child labor
3. Improving access to education
4. Fostering dialogue between social partners
5. Integrating projects within the national framework of action against child labor
6. Building local capacity to ensure ownership and long-term sustainability
7. Improving the communities’ livelihoods and living conditions
8. Ensuring project accountability through monitoring, impact assessment and evaluation mechanisms
9. Co-operating closely with local authorities
10. Setting up vocational training for older children

The ECLT Foundation conducts research to help identify and quantify the various causes and issues related to child labor in tobacco growing regions. Findings are made available to international bodies concerned with child labor and to national governments.

It makes sure that good practice is communicated and spread amongst its own projects. It also seeks to share and promote good practice to other organizations outside ECLT. Its work also seeks to provide the evidence behind these good practices and to use the right channels to influence and inform public policy.


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