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Knitted newborn baby hats and baby blankets for Donation in East Sussex, UK. Verified non-profit organisation

An individual has 237 knitted baby hats and 50 baby blankets for donation in the UK. The goods are in Peacehaven. The donor would ideally have someone pick them up, but they may be able to assist with transport if not too far.

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation Verified non-profit organisation

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation operates as a non-governmental non-profit organization, serving less fortunate people across the world. We are people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions from all over the world working together to serve humanity. Pro bono support from...

Feed The Hungry UK

Feed the hungry are a humanitarian Aid organisation that feeds 420,000 every school day, we build schools,orphanages,rehab centres and training facilities. As well as respond to disasters across the world. With Ukraine we sent over 130 trailers/containers of aid, and are also sending aid both to...

Global Aid Network (GAiN) Switzerland GmbH Verified non-profit organisation

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is an international relief aid organisation with nine offices worldwide to reveal hope and restore life. We are active in over 40 countries for people in need, provide humanitarian aid in disasters and crisis areas and support projects sustainability. GAiN Switzerland has...

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Face mask manufacturing machine and face mask load for donation in the UK Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate a face mask maufacturing machine, manufacturing material and a large load of face masks to a charity within the UK. A FLAT MASK MANUFACTURING LINE. 1. A HANS GROUP AUTOMATIC LINE SERIES HIGH SPEED FLAT MASK MANUFACTURE MACHINE MODEL HHEKZGS; SERIAL NUMBER :...

Skanda Vale

Skanda Vale is a spiritual community in Carmarthenshire. They try to be also useful to society. Skanda Vale receives many donations from pilgrims who attend their temples. Most of this is in the form of the food which they hope to distribute to those in need. Many tons of food come out of Skanda...

Keystone Moldova Verified non-profit organisation

Keystone Moldova is an NGO working to create opportunities where people can grow, exercise self-determination, and participate in and contribute as valued members of their society. The Association provides direct services and best-practice training to further the independence of children and...

Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity Foundation <LBHCF>

«LBH Charity Foundation» is an independent, not for profit making, non-political, charitable associative organization and foundation, created in 2020 to help improve the quality of life for victims of societal ills such as rape, sexual harassment, sexism, domestic abuse, basic human right violation...


With years of experience working in PR, Sales and Customer service an a keen interest in Irish tourism, the founder Clare Davitt was in a unique position to rethink how kids from all over the world could experience new languages and cultures. Clare has been creating unique Home Stays for young...

Reuse Network

The Reuse Network is the umbrella group for organisations involved in the relief of poverty through the re-use of household items. The group works to increase goods available, raise the number of beneficiaries and support organisations to manage and develop. The group also lobbies to ensure that...

Light And Life Mission

Light And Life Mission is a Mission with a heart and passion to reach out the gospel to the unreached through church planting, evangelism, training, orphanage project, helping Women and Youths to reach out to Communities.

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185 books, English Literature: 'The knife of never letting go' available for collection in Milton Keynes Verified non-profit organisation

A donor would like to give a set of 182 units of books. The books are literature for teenagers. It is a specific title: 'The knife of never letting go'. The donor requires the charity to collect the books from Milton Keynes. The books are not brand new but are in very good condition.

Mission Øst Verified non-profit organisation

Mission Øst, Danish international relief and development organisation, works in Eastern Europe and Asia to deliver relief aid, create and support long-term development projects and empower local aid organisations to carry on the work independently.

Phoenix Resource Centre (Northampton) Limited

We are a UK registered charity with our own registered NGO's in Djibouti and Somaliland in East Africa, and Ghana in West Africa. We also work with partner organisations covering 61 countries in total. Our main strengths lie in product resource volume / capacity handling, setting up, running and...

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Regular donation of used bathroom fittings, toilets, basins, shower valves in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A bathroom fitting company based in Edinburgh Scotland has second-hand professionally removed bathrooms and shower room suites. This donation would be ongoing with the frequency to be determined with the donor. The goods will include the following: bathroom fittings, toilets, basins, shower...

Global Aid Network UK

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is a worldwide relief and development organisation. We are the humanitarian partner of a global Christian charity, mobilising people from across different backgrounds to respond in practical ways to poverty and crisis. We are dedicated to bringing hope and tangible help...

Kingway Motor Poland

Kingway Motor Poland is impoting machines parts from China, assemble them in Poland and sell in the entire Europe: machines as excavators,mini tractors, loaders and recently also power generators. Kingway Motor Poland has been on the market since 17 years.


Trespass is the UK's largest manufacturer and retailer of Outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories. Trespass the brand employs over 3000 individuals worldwide and has factories in China and Bangladesh. The main warehouses are in Glasgow Scotland as well as Poland for main land Europe.


help2kids is a Swiss-based NGO with projects in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Its mission is to provide children in need with education and health care, so that they will be able to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

Harrop HR Missions Ltd

Registered charity operating Surrey Stands With Ukraine that has raised @ £300,000 since Russian invasion of Ukraine and sent @ 50 vans of aid.