International Union of Economists (IUE)

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The International Union of Economists (IUE) was founded in 1991 as a global network of economists, scientists and experts, public figures, bankers and businessmen. The main principles behind the IUE’s activities are democracy, humanism and open dialogue. It contributes to economic and social progress of the world community and gives practical help in the development of small and medium business, through the training of personnel.

Aims and goals of the International Union of Economists:

  • promoting economic reforms as the main mean of the world community development;
  • participation in development and realization of national and international projects and programs aimed at acceleration of economic growth and stabilization of the economic situation in different countries, and development of the integration processes in different regions of the world;
  • ensuring the broad international exchange of information in various fields of economy, science, technology and other fields of activity;
  • rendering practical assistance in development of small and medium business;
  • search and implementation of new forms of international collaboration;
  • expansion of collaboration with national and international organizations, unions, associations in the field of socio-economic, scientific and technical ideas.


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