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Aircraft service for the hard-to-reach places

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When natural disasters, conflict or famine strike hard-to-reach places, an aircraft may be the only safe way to reach the affected areas. MAF would like to discover the new partners for the service we provide for the hard-to-reach places.


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MAF mainly works in both: very extreme conditions like natural disasters, conflict or famine and in the very peaceful enviroment when people need very essensial things to be delievered. However, most of the time we think about hard-to-reach places and would like to discover more how our organisation can help you with it.

Type(s) of services / personnel

Transportation and logistics

One off or ongoing partnership

I may do both.


This offer requires payment.
The payment depends on the various conditions. Please, contact us and we can talk about it.

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Mission Aviation Fellowship International

Annual turnover (US$)

More than 1,000 million

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