Fairtrade Campaigner and Supporter Promotional Materials Manual

Instructions for non-commercial use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on promotional materials (Examples of non-commercial promotional materials are: campaign banners, leaflets, posters, stickers, local authority produced materials, websites)

The Fairtrade Foundation and the Fairtrade producer networks very much appreciate the valuable work of the UK’s Fairtrade campaigners and supporters. Fairtrade is vital to producers in developing countries so it is really important we continue to raise awareness.

This manual will help you to use the FAIRTRADE Mark correctly on your non-commercial promotional materials and to help you to continue supporting Fairtrade whilst maintaining and upholding the integrity and values of the FAIRTRADE Mark*. Please follow the guidelines in this manual and submit the artwork to artwork@fairtrade.org.uk for approval prior to printing. Please note the artwork approval lead times in section 5 and that there is an exception to approval detailed in section 4.

These guidelines are also relevant for those working towards achieving Fairtrade School or Fairtrade Town status. Please refer to sections 14 and 15. Once Fairtrade School or Fairtrade Town status has been achieved you will be awarded the School/Town identity which you should use instead of the Mark. A separate manual will be sent to you detailing how to apply this identity to your promotional materials.

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