The Veolia Foundation helps Bulgarian children with disabilities to experience outdoor activities

The Veolia Environment Foundation has made a grant to the Get Involved" Project of Outward Bound Bulgaria, an organization that provides outdoor adventure courses for young people.

“Get involved” is a project for social integration of young people with motor disabilities. The project aims to help children and young people in wheelchairs to admire nature, to go out for a stroll in the mountains, to meet with friends and to diversify their monotonous daily life. On the 26th of January 2009, the project “Get involved” was approved for financing with an amount of € 20,000 by the Veolia Environment Foundation.

The grant has enabled the Bulgarian organization to purchase a number of Joelettes, all-terrain wheelchairs with a single wheel, which can be used by people with physical disabilities, to access the countryside with their carers. The Joelettes ensures that young people with disabilities can participate in Outward Bound courses and other activities, irrespective of the type of countryside where the activity is located.

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