The Veolia Foundation assists day care centres for children with cerebral palsy

The Association Pour L’éducation Thérapeutique Et La Réadaptation Des Enfant Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux (APETREIMC), a French NGO, provides group accommodation for young children suffering from cerebral palsy in order give them a good start in life.

Cerebral palsy children suffer from motor handicaps and serious learning difficulties which make their social integration difficult. To help them, l’APETREIMC is developing a special daycare centre, where they can rub shoulders with healthy children.

In order to facilitate their integration into a normal social life, the organisation runs “mixed” daycare centres where the children are cared for and can play alongside children who have no disabilities.The Veolia Environment Foundation is providing grant aid to enable the organisation to equip the centres with the specialised equipment needed for the children with disabilities.

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