Hong Kong Bank Foundation supports training and accommodation for people with disabilities

Run by the Hong Chi Association, a local NGO, the the Hongkong Bank Foundation Fung Tak Centre provides services to adults with mental disabilities.

Yu-on is in her 20s and she has muscular atrophy. Every day Yu-on’s mother pushes her wheelchair to the street outside their housing estate to meet the van going to the Hongkong Bank Foundation Fung Tak Centre. Trainees at the Centre play an active role in the community, including undertaking simple assembly jobs for local businesses, helping elderly people with their house cleaning and providing a car-wash service to the neighbourhood.

The Centre and the nearby Hong Kong Bank Foundation Tung Tau Hostel offer comprehensive training and accommodation facilities to trainees. Both facilities were built with a HKD9.7 million donation from the Foundation in 1991. The Centre and the Hostel receive continued support from HSBC, including regular activities organised by Wayfoong Volunteers.

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Asia: China - Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)

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Disability issues; Education and training; Financial accessibility and management

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