Seventh Generation and WAGES partner to form a cooperative in San Francisco

Seventh Generation, an American company that distributes household and personal care products, has partnered with Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES) to launch a new worker-owned residential green cleaning cooperative in San Francisco.

Home Green Home, the collaborative pilot program, is a new form of social enterprise, a growing movement in which non-profit organizations leverage the power of business for community benefit. The Home Green Home co-op members use Seventh Generation’s non-toxic cleaning products, allowing them to work without jeopardizing their own health or that of their clients. Together they are helping to create good, green jobs with dignified pay and benefits, as well as a service that consumers can use to make a meaningful social difference with their dollars.

With WAGES, Seventh Generation ensures that every fifteen clients of the residential house cleaning service create one sustainable job. Using Seventh Generation cleaning products to help protect the health of both clients and workers, the coop members earn a sustainable living while enjoying benefits like healthcare and paid vacations.

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