Thailand Humanitarian Customs Regulations

This information was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Thailand.

Recent Update

Required Documents

  • The following documents are required for the import of humanitarian goods in Thailand:
  • Bill of lading/airway bill;
  • Commercial invoice;
  • Packing list;
  • Fumigation certificate;
  • Deed of donation;
  • Letter from the donator identifying for donation to public or charitable purpose through government organisations or public charity organisations or giving to government organisations or public charity organisations; and
  • Letter in reply from the organisations receiving the humanitarian cargo.

Goods not permitted entry

  • The following goods are prohibited entry as humanitarian aid:
  • Motor vehicles;
  • Prohibited goods; or
  • Restricted goods without license or permit.

Tax Exemption

Tax exemption is available, and is applicable to all humanitarian goods except those listed under the ‘Goods not permitted entry’ section above.

Pre-Shipment Application

Pre-shipment Application for tax exemption should be sent to the Royal Thai Customs Department and the Ministry of Finance.

Monetary Valuation

Monetary valuation is required, on an individual item basis.


Restrictions are applied on some humanitarian goods, including restricted goods with no license or permit.

Other Info

1. Humanitarian cargo must be imported on behalf of Government organisations or public charity organisations; 2. Humanitarian cargo must be used for the function of Government organisations or utilized in accordance with the objective of public charity organisations; 3. There must be evidence in writing from the donator empowering the recipient organisation to import all humanitarian cargos for donation to public or charitable purpose without any condition and commitment. In addition, the donator must declare in evidence letter as mentioned in the "Required Documents’ section, before importantion in Thailand. 4. Humanitarian cargo must not include cargo purchased by government organisations or public charity organisations.


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