Portugal Humanitarian Customs Regulations

This information was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Portugal.

Required Documents

  • Bill of lading/airway bill
  • Commercial invoice or value declaration
  • Packing list
  • Sanitarian certification in case of food or foodstuff
  • Import authorization from INFRAMED (National Institute of Pharmacy and Drugs) for import of drugs.

Restrictions on Imported Goods

  • For the following reasons
  • public security and order
  • health protection of people and animals
  • patrimony protection
  • protection of fauna and flora
  • environment protection
  • peace and strategic defense.

Tax Exemption

Available for humanitarian cargo and non-profit consignees Applications should be made to the Director of Customs

Monetary Valuation

It is necessary to declare the value of consignment and transport expenses (valuation of shipment).


For humanitarian cargo, the Portuguese General Customs must be contacted at: Direcçäo-Geral das Alfândegas e dos Impostos Especiais sobre o Consumo–Direcçäo de Serviços de Regulaçäo Aduaneira Rua da Alfândega nº5, r/c 1149-006 Lisboa Tel: (351 21) 8813890 Fax: (351 21) 8813984 E-mail: dsra@dgaiec.min-financas.pt


Embassy of Portugal, Beijing, China Date published: 15/09/2003


Regions / countries / territories

Europe: Portugal