Bangladesh Humanitarian Customs Regulations

This document was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Bangladesh.

Required Documents

  • Bill of lading/airway bill
  • packing list
  • deed of donation
  • certificate of origin
  • other documents vary from time to time and with circumstances.

Prohibited Goods

Usually food and medicine are accepted as humanitarian cargo in times of need. Items not allowed cannot be specified in advance. Check with Bangladesh Customs.

Tax Exemption

Bangladesh does offer tax exemption on humanitarian cargo. This tax exemption applies to all goods that have been accepted as humanitarian assistance and to all non-profit consignees.

PreShipment Application

International pre-shipment application may be applicable for big assignments of a commercial nature. Local pre-shipment inspection (PSI) companies should be contacted.

Monetary Valuation

Customs require monetary valuation for the shipment on the consignment as a whole.


Restrictions on second hand goods or date expired items are not strictly enforced.

Other Info

It is advisable to check with the respective Bangladesh embassy or consulate where the consignments would originate to ascertain the latest government instructions on accepting relief goods, in case of natural disasters/calamities.


Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong Date published: 19/12/2001


Regions / countries / territories

Asia: Bangladesh