Germany humanitarian customs regulations

This document was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Germany.

Required Documents

  • bill of lading/airway bil l
  • commercialoice
  • packing list, if possible
  • fumigation certificate for certain products only
  • deed of donation if possible
  • certificate of origin for certain items, eg textiles
  • “Single Administrative Document” (SAD), for goods of value over 1000 Euro. For exports, same as for imports, excep bill of lading/airway bill is not required.

Prohibited Goods

Alcoholic drinks, tobacco products and all dangerous goods, such as weapons, drugs and explosives, are not permitted entry into Germany as humanitarian aid. Also see EU Regulation No 918/83: h

Tax Exemption

Most types of goods can be imported into Germany tax exempt as humanitarian aid, except if donated by a private person. Regarding the exportation of goods there are generally no export duties to be paid in Germany. Germany acknowledges that humanitarian organisations and exporting companies can take advantage of tax refunds.

PreShipment Application

Pre-shipment application should be made to the local financial department (Finanzamt) in Germany. Also, the export declaration should be sent to the local customs office.

Monetary Valuation

Customs require monetary valuation for the shipment on an item by item basis, and for the consignment as a whole, in Euro currency.


  • Restrictions are enforced on certain goods
  • details should be requested from the German authorities.

Other Info

Point of Contact

German Customs Information Centre: Zoll-Infocenter, Hansaallee 141, 60320 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49 69 46997600; Fax: +49 69 46997699; Email:


German Customs Information Centre Date published: 14/06/2002


Regions / countries / territories

Europe: Germany