Adidas is to make €1 trainers for millions of people around the world who cannot afford to buy shoes

Reebok International is working to develop a “sustainable business model” as part of its German parent Adidas AG’s plans to sell “one dollar shoes” in India.

After conducting a pilot test for 5,000 pairs of shoes of an existing design of Reebok in three villages in Bangladesh last year, the firm is now planning to apply the learnings in India in the next stage, which it has termed as ‘Phase III’.

“The focus of Phase III is the development of the actual product and the development of a sustainable business model to ensure the program’s long-term success,” Reebok International spokesperson Daniel Sarro told media.

During this phase, Reebok will be testing the technical feasibility of producing a durable, functional and affordable shoes-based on learnings from the Bangladesh market.

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