Global Hand verification

Please note: Global Hand does not accept unsolicited applications for verification. Instead, we will approach non-profit organisations when a potential partnership opportunity that matches their interests is available.

There are a number of different ways in which organisations can participate in Global Hand.

Verified non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations which have been through Global Hand’s verification process are a core part of the Global Hand community.

Non-profit organisations verified by Global Hand are able to:

  • respond to offers on the website and exchange contact details with donors of offers they are interested in
  • make offers through the website, should they wish
  • provide a reference for other non-profit organisations seeking verification

To complete the verification process, a non-profit organisation needs to submit a number of documents, including financial information and references. This ensures that companies making offers through Global Hand can trust the organisations who exchange contact details with them through the system. Global Hand places great emphasis on verifying organisations in order to avoid facilitating inappropriate or unwise engagement through our matching platform. As mentioned above, the verification process is by invitation only.

Read more about Global Hand’s verification process.

Unverified non-profit organisations

A large number of excellent non-profit organisations use the Global Hand website without undertaking Global Hand’s verification process.

Unverified non-profit organisations are able to:

  • make offers through the website, should they wish
  • respond to offers by making a comment on offers they are interested in.
    However, an unverified non-profit organisation cannot access contact details associated with offers on the website.

Global Hand cannot vouch for unverified non-profit organisations using the website, but encourages potential partners to make their own enquiries in order to be satisfied that they are dealing with an organisation that meets their requirements for partnership.

For profit organisations

For-profit companies are welcome to use Global Hand to find non-profit organisations to partner with.

For-profit organisations are able to:

  • make offers through the website in order to be matched with a suitable need

Global Hand currently has no verification process for companies, so organisations should undertake their own due diligence with regard to potential corporate partners.

Sign up

Organisations making an offer or request on Global Hand are automatically given a login account for the website. Organisations wishing to create an account without making an offer or request should sign up here.