Verification requirements for non-profit organisations

Please note: Global Hand does not accept unsolicited applications for verification. Instead, we will approach non-profit organisations when a potential partnership opportunity that matches their interests is available.

Global Hand places great emphasis on verifying organisations in order to avoid facilitating inappropriate or unwise engagement through our matching platform.

In order for non-profit organisations to become verified by Global Hand, they must go through a verification process and send required documentation as follows.

All organisations seeking verification MUST supply:

  • Copy of certificate of registration
  • Complete organisation profile on outlining organisation’s work and areas of focus
  • Acceptance of Global Hand’s User Agreement including commitment to accountability in reporting (accepted upon creating organisation profile)
  • Agreement with standards of best practice in humanitarian work and partnerships
  • Joining fee
    • for organisations with annual cash turnover of over USD500,000 – minimum once only donation of USD1,000
    • for organisations with annual cash turnover below USD500,000 – once only donation of choice
  • One of the following
    • Last 2years’ audited financial statements (original hard copies required)
    • Last 2 years’ annual tax reports or equivalent government lodgements
    • History of grants received with reports of distribution and financial expenditure (no detail to be more than five years old)
    • History of project partnerships, for example, details of any shipments received, local partnerships, partnering agencies with outcome report
  • References: Any two of the following
    • Reference from a Global Hand verified organisation (see Verified organisations on the list here)
    • Reference from an internationally recognised NGO or UN agency
    • Reference from local government leader
    • Evidence of membership of local/national/regional coalition of NGOs
    • List of board members with full contact information for each

Once a group has submitted all of the required documents, Global Hand will review the information, follow up with referees and perform other due diligence as necessary to evaluate the applicant.

When Global Hand considers the organisation verified, its status is changed on the website.