ExxonMobil is partnering with SEED Foundation to promote sustaining global water supplies

Imperial Oil Limited, the Canadian affiliate of ExxonMobil, is partnering with the nonprofit Society, Environment and Energy Development Studies (SEEDS) Foundation to bring environmental education to secondary schools in Canada.

Imperial Oil Limited committed $500,000 to develop “Habitat in the Balance,” a curriculum program designed to enable junior high and high school students to make informed decisions about environmental impacts. It is an online decision-making resource for secondary students, currently with eight interactive modules available in the Water, Inhabitants and Land Clusters. It is a resource that teaches students about socio-scientific issues – balancing human endeavors and the environment.

Habitat in the Balance is an interactive, decision-making resource which allows students to examine issues of sustainable development in four areas – water, land, inhabitants, and air. Aligning with learning outcomes in science, social studies, geography, and environmental studies for grades 7 to 12, each module may take up to one week of instructional time.

In addition to funding, Imperial staff has provided advice and information for some of the content. Through this programme, the Foundation is helping students make critical decisions about water management in business development scenarios and provide students with a framework to understand the complex challenges of water use and management.

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