Bayer supports NGOs to fight child labor and develop educational facilities

Bayer actively supports organisations such as the Abrinq Foundation for Children’s Rights in Brazil, and the Naandi Foundation in India in the fight against child labor.

The Abrinq Foundation aims to defend children’s human rights and their right to health care and education, and also offers social programs for children. In coordination with Abrinq, Bayer employees regularly volunteer their time at social facilities in the Brazilian metropolis São Paulo.

The Naandi Foundation aims to fight poverty and lastingly improve living standards among the poor. Naandi regards a qualified school education and vocational training as key to achieving this goal. With the help of Bayer CropScience and as part of the company’s Child Care Program in India, the Naandi Foundation has set up 19 Creative Learning Centers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In these centers, children who previously worked in agriculture or other sectors are prepared for reintegration into the Indian school education system. So far, more than 1,300 children have been enrolled in these bridge schools, of whom about 1,000 have since progressed to the regular Indian school system. In addition, Bayer CropScience has opened a Vocational Training Center near Hyderabad, India, where former child laborers can attend one-year training courses to prepare them for more highly qualified employment in agriculture.

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