In collaboration with NGOs, Spanish Bank Group, BBVA, set up a corporate volunteering plan

The BBVA’s corporate volunteering plan, Voluntarios BBVA, was set up in May 2007 to meet the need for volunteers to promote new initiatives and build a framework for activities in this area.

Two thousand employees from all working categories were actively involved in drawing up the plan. Some are still in employment, while others are retired or have taken early retirement and they come from all the different companies in the Group.

The BBVA Volunteer Office in spain was set up to coordinate and promote the different volunteering activities included in the plan. The office is staffed by former employees from the company. Projects co-designed with NGOs and carried out in collaboration with renowned organisations from the country, such as the Junior Achievement Foundation, WF/Adena and the Tomillo Foundation. A total of 221 volunteers were involved in these activities in 2007.

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