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Hope Health Action is a UK based Christian NGO that works in health care and disability support in Haiti. Established in 2006, the organisation currently runs a community clinic which provides primary health care, health education programmes and a vaccination and food distribution programme. The organisation also runs an emergency 4×4 ambulance service which provides emergency support to a range of activities. After the earthqauke of January 2010, a spinal rehabilitation unit was built at the hospital, which has now developed into disability sports and resulted in the construction of the first inclusive sports centre in Haiti. The organisation also runs a respite centre for children with physical and mental special needs with Haiti’s most vulnerable children on the programme. Finally, in April 2012 a maternity and paediatric centre opened at the hospital, providing high quality maternal health care (in the hospital and in communities through a mobile unit) and the only neonatal care in Northern Haiti.



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500,000 - 1 million

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Haiti: Earthquakes - Jan 2010