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Indonesia’s large population and agricultural strength (it doubled cereals production between 1979 and 2009 and almost quadrupled meat production for the same period) – shows that one of the world’s most populous regions is able to create food self sufficiency and food security. However, the Indonesian archipelago is also subject to severe natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunamis, so despite their gains, 19.9 million people are still malnourished. Twenty-eight percent of Indonesia’s children are underweight and 42 percent suffer from stunted growth. However, average life expectancy is a rather high 71 years of age.

National Programme for Food Security (NPFS)- The General Policy for Food Security (2006-2009) was produced in Indonesian language by the National Food Security Council (NFSC), which is preparing a similar document to cover 2010-2014. Through a Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) project, FAO provided support to the Secretariat of the NFSC in formulating a document that includes nationally funded programmes and includes elements retained in the implementation of the above general policy.


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