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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Centre for Youth and Development


Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) is a Malawian child, youth and women focused development organization, which was established in the year 2012 to facilitate positive and sustainable change for children, youth and women in Malawi. Today, CYD has become one of Malawi’s efficient and effective...

Conflict Resolution by Youth (CRY) Uganda Ltd


Conflict Resolution by Youth (CRY)–Uganda is a national NGO founded by young people for young people in the Republic of Uganda. CRY Uganda works to build and enhance the capacity of young people and children to improve their livelihoods and to manage conflict. CRY also advocates for issues...

Hellenic Ministries


Hellenic Ministries is a small developing international, nondenominational Greek missionary society, seeking to serve Christ throughout Greece and the surrounding nations. Hellenic Ministries purposes to reach communities holistically. Through evangelism, they share the message of the gospel with...

Trinity Care Foundation


Trinity Care Foundation is an Indian Non-Profit Organization. The Foundation's main purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of public health programs and to strengthen community programs by reaching out to socially and economically underprivileged sections of the community in rural and urban India....

Child Survival Aid Ghana


Child Survival Aid Ghana (CSAG) is a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting underprivileged children in rural communities to achieve their full potential with the assistance and support they need in education. Driven by the belief that education is a basic human right, Child...

Scell Media Resources


Scell Media Resources is a quarterly news-magazine founded and published in Africa. They are dedicated to the global public health issue of sickle cell disorder. Their vision is to be the world’s best-known resource magazine for the world’s most commonly inherited blood disorder, whose...

Initiative Uganda


Initiative Uganda is a Ugandan NGO established in 2008 by a group of concerned community volunteers in recognition of the plight caused by poverty, ill health and HIV/AIDS. H4HD is committed to empowering and improving on the quality of life of the rural and urban poor through education and ...

Network of Peace Movement (NOPM)


The Network of Peace Movement (NOPM) is a Kosovan NGO. The organisation promotes peace building and conflict resolution in order to develop and promote a peaceful, tolerant and democratic environment for all communities living in Kosovo. NOPM promotes civil society among young people by aiming to...

Budallisa Youth Environmental Protection Organization (BYEPO)


Budallisa Youth Environmental Protection Organization (BYEPO) is an NGO in Uganda. The organisation works on environmental issues, including the planting of trees, control of soil erosion and the conservation of wetlands.

Nyabohanse Children Rescue Centre


Since 2007 Nyabohanse Children Rescue Centre has existed as a local network promoting children’s participation in health and development. Nyabohanse Children Rescue Centre is a Kenyan NGO and was formally established in 2009 and is based at Isebania in Migori County. Over the past 5 years NCRC is...