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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Computers For Kids


Computers For Kids is an NGO in Kenya. The organisation distributes donated computer to local schools. 10 schools have to date been given computers. .

Health Basics and Nutrition Services


Health Basics and Nutrition Services is a Kenyan NGO that promotes health-related activities including HIV/aids awareness. The organisation is involved in capacity building, community feeding programmes,community sponsorship for orphans and women's empowerment.

Inter Care - Medical Aid for Africa Verified non-profit organisation


Inter Care supports the work of over 100 rural hospitals, health centres, clinics and dispensaries in Africa by sending regular supplies of essential, basic medicines. To date, Inter Care has sent almost £11 million worth of medicines. Inter Care does not provide disaster or short-term support as...

Tanganyika Youth Economy Group Coordinating Council


The Tanganyika Youth Economy Group Coordinating Council is a Tanzanian NGO that works for disadvantaged young people and children. Projects include vocational training workshops in tailoring for girls, palm oil extraction, processing and storage training for young farmers and soap making for the...

Change Bunjakko Kinyinabo Community


Change Bunjakko Kinyinabo Community (CBKG) is a Ugandan NGO that deals with social, health and economic challenges faced by the Kinyinabo community. Currently the organisation is working on water and sanitation projects.

Girl Education and Employment Organisation (GEEDO)


The Girl Education and Employment Organisation (GEDO) is an NGO in Somaliland. GEEDO provides education and skill training programmes for women and girls, and also works on health related issues, including breastfeeding, nutrition, and sanitation. In this way, the organisation aims to improve...

Snow Rural Community Development Organization


The Snow Rural community Development Organization is a Ugandan NGO located on the slopes of Rwenzori . The organisation works on rural community development, focusing on sustainable agriculture and health.

Innovative Strategy for Pastoralist Development


Innovative Strategy for Pastoralist Development (ISPAD) is a Kenyan NGO that works for the development of the pastoral community, education and livelihood promotion. We at ISPAD envision a society where pastoralist’s communities have the innovative, participatory and needs-driven approaches in...



Shirakat is an NGO in Pakistan that works on human rights and women’s rights. The organisation's areas of work include contributing towards social justice through piloting innovative initiatives for behavioural change,violence against women and children, livelihoods, health, education and...

Creative Hands


Creative Hands ia a Nepalese charity that builds and operates schools, aims to improve family health and welfare, protects street children’s rights, and provides assistance to disabled people who cannot work. The organisation provides food, clothing, fresh water, health care, and educational...