Transporting the sick and injured to private or government hospitals in ambulances-- 1298 Ambulance service in India

1298 is the first private ambulance company in India that provides service for all, regardless of income, and is one of just three organized operators in the country.

In 2007, 1298 had 10 ambulances in Mumbai. Currently they have more than 460 ambulances across Mumbai, Kerala, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Punjab. By 2012, 1298 expect to have 1,000 ambulances serving millions of people.

Mumbai and other cities in India lack reliable ambulances or emergency medical response services. To get to the hospital, people use auto rickshaws, private cars or van “ambulances” that have no medical equipment or trained technicians. More often than not these ambulances function as hearses.

1298 was founded in 2005 by a group of young professionals who witnessed the disparity between emergency services in India and the U.S. 1298 operates state-of-the-art 24/7 call centers with ambulance tracking systems, and equips ambulances with personnel trained in basic and advanced life support. 1298’s training programs are certified by the American Heart Association and New York Presbyterian Hospital.

In Mumbai, 1298 uses a sliding price scale that depends on a customer’s ability to pay – the fee is determined by the hospital type selected by the patient. Accident victims are always transported free of charge. In other locations, calls are subsidized by the government and in some cases patients also pay a small fee.

In November 2008, 1298 was the first operator to arrive at the Taj and Trident Hotels during the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

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