Paper Recycling enterprise in Albania focuses on including smaller businesses and improving the environment

Edipack is a leading paper recycling and packaging material enterprise, located in one of the environmentally most hazardous places in Albania. With the aim of including poor and vulnerable people in its supply chain and generating income opportunities, Edipack cooperates with three NGOs, which coordinate the paper collection from about 120 individual collectors from vulnerable groups such as Roma, disabled and orphans.

Edipack produces a large variety of goods and has currently over 370 clients, especially Albanian SMEs. Edipack partnered with several developmental actors such as International Finance Corporation (IFC), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

In social terms Edipack’s impact lies in the inclusion of individual paper collectors in its supply chain. The company buys approximately 600 tons of waste paper per month from around 120 small suppliers, which generates an average monthly income of 120 Euros. Furthermore, Edipack employs 75 mostly low-skilled people who receive training and benefit from a stable employment and income source.

In addition, Edipack contributes to the environmental improvement of the city of Durres, by organizing the waste collection, recycling paper and raising awareness for more environmentally sustainable waste disposal habits. The recycled paper production process does not harm the environment, as Edipack uses 100% recycled water and other inputs that comply with European Union standards.

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