DFID plans to support development in fragile states

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has announced plans to support development in a number of fragile and unstable states, including Afghanistan, Somalia and the Congo. These plans support the Millennium Development Goals.

In Afghanistan DFID will create 200,000 jobs and provide vocational training for 45,000 young people. The Afghanistan Business Innovation Fund will provide assistance and small grants to new businesses that focus on services, jobs and
incomes that benefit the poor.

In Somalia DFID will help create the conditions for new businesses to emerge in fisheries and ingredients in the food and perfumes industries, helping the country back into the international community through trade.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo DFID is supporting the Extractive Industries
Transparency Initiative. This encourages the participation of civil society and the private sector in overseeing the mining sector so that money from well-managed legal mining flows back into the national treasury and regional
development plans.

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