Toolbook Series: developing Partnership Initiatives

The Toolbook Series, published by the Partnership Initiative, is developed from action research and in close collaboration with practitioners worldwide. The aim of the toolbooks is to enable a flexibility of application across cultures and sectors.

The four current publications in the series are:

The Moving On Toolbook – addressing the exit aspects of a partnership.

The Fit for Purpose Toolbook – designed to help practitioners and partners deepen organisational engagement, impact mainstream practices and influence policy makers

The Getting Better Toolbook – designed to help partnership practitioners review their effectiveness, measure the value added and ensure the impacts are sustainable.

The Brokering Guidebook – illuminating the critical part played by brokers in multi sector partnerships as both process managers and behind the scenes leaders.


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Partnership types

Advocacy of global issues; Standards and guidelines development

Regions / countries / territories

Europe: United Kingdom

Global issues

Education and training