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Cleaning and PPE equipment of various types available in Leavesden , UK

General information

Overall description

A company would like to donate a small trucksize load of cleaning and PPE supplies. The goods include Wipes, Sanitizer (1L and 4 galons), Gloves, Gowns and Visors, as well as some large empty Plastic Boxes.


As soon as possible

Partnership types

Provision of goods

Goods details

Goods description

3 pallets of wipes, 4 gallon sanitizer bottles (10 boxes), 1L bottel sanitizer (10 boxes), 8 boxes of gloves, 10 boxes of visors, 20 boxes of gowns.

Type(s) of goods

Medicine & health; Personal care products & luggage


United Kingdom

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I will be offering these goods on a one off basis.


I cannot assist with transport.


Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.


These goods are new.

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Global Hand

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  • Commented
    14 May 2022 07:34 GMT

    Shines Children's Foundation
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    I am Denis Kiirya, Executive Director of Shines Children's Foundation. We are anon profit National NGO in Uganda providing care and support to orphans and vulnerable children. We run a projects which include Education, health care, community empowerment, environmental conservation and youth empowerment . we are interested in the offer. Let us have more details through our contacts below;
    WhatsApp number: +256754546113

  • Commented
    25 Jul 2022 10:00 GMT

    Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity (LBH) Foundation
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Lucinda BANCEL says: I am interested as this will be a blessing for hospitals in Sierra Leone. Pls contact me

  • Commented
    25 Jul 2022 10:09 GMT

    Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity (LBH) Foundation
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Lucinda BANCEL says: Hello Global Hand,

    My name is Lucinda Bancel, of the « Lucinda’s Beautiful Heritage (a.k.a My Beautiful Heritage) » a non-profit organization in 2020 for the medically challenged and the underprivileged, especially orphans and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

    Our mission is both a medical and moral move of solidarity to help give better lives to the medically challenged and the underprivileged by bringing the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair across Sierra Leone.

    Our secondary mission has the moral objective to support, create or intervene in any charitable action in the humanitarian fields in order to improve health, education, poverty, the reception of the excluded, especially orphans and minorities in Sierra Leone and in France.

    Our aim is to provide care and support to the medically challenged and the underprivileged especially orphans and vulnerable children. We run projects which include education, health care, community empowerment, environmental conservation and youth empowerment.

    This offer will be a blessing to the students and educational system in Sierra Leone so pls consider us.

    Our contact details are as follows:

    Number: +33768893364(also on whatsapp, signal and telegram)

  • Commented
    03 Aug 2022 10:20 GMT

    Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Josephat Kirutu says: Please help us.
    I am Josephat Kirutu. My wife Rosemary and I started Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage, located in Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa. Our focus has always been to take in orphans and children that live on the street, children who have no one. We want to give these children love, basic needs, schooling, and most importantly, show them Jesus in a world that has cast them aside.
    I am reaching out today because we are in desperate need of support. We are struggling. We are unable to meet our needs, and we need the help of our human family.

    I am asking for your help. What may seem like a small amount in US Dollars and other currencies will go a long way here in Tanzania and help a tremendous amount. Not many people care enough to help us. Many choose to ignore us and pretend that we are not in need. Our needs are very real for the children. We are looking for partners to help us with this work. We are in need. Will you answer the call? Do you know of others who can help?
    Will you please help us?
    Your brother,
    Josephat Kirutu
    Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage