Linking Business with Pro-Poor Development

Linking Business with Pro-Poor Development explores two key questions, How can business be pro-poor? and How can such partnerships be made sustainable? The document showcases how an innovative private-community partnership transformed the livelihoods of highly vulnerable families in far flung regions of West Bengal. It is based on the success of a rural poultry value chain that delivers 3 week old chicks to the doorstep of women rearers. As a result of this, ‘small poultry assets’, which were otherwise deemed as ‘unproductive’, have transformed into profits, nutrition, food security and empowerment for ultra poor poultry rearers.


South Asia Pro Poor Livestock Policy Programme

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Partnership types

Doing business with the poor; Provision of services / personnel

Regions / countries / territories

Asia: India

Global issues

Community development; Job creation and enterprise development