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Abnormally cold weather conditions in Tajikistan, causing heavy snowfall and frozen rivers, have damaged water and electrical supply systems and isolated mountain villages. Snowfall in December 2007 was 245% above the historical average for the month. Temperatures of between -8°C and -25°C since the beginning of 2008 have increased demand for heating while at the same time affecting the supply capacity. This has led to severe rationing of electricity and sharp increases in the prices for fuel. In the capital, Dushanbe, power is already cut at least 14 hours a day and in most rural areas electricity supply has been cut off completely. Compounding this crisis, two consecutive poor harvests, combined with doubling food prices in recent months, have left rural populations with few remaining coping strategies.

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The following goods are needed and have been requested in response to this situation:

  • IMMEDIATE NEEDS: financial donations, water treatment supplies
    • Financial donations – for information on how to donate contact khusrav.sharifov@undp.org.
    • Urgently needed goods – including water treatment supplies (purification tablets, filtration equipment, water quality tests)
  • Other goods needed:
    • winter supplies (stoves, blankets, generators, thermos flasks, warm clothing)
    • medical supplies (drugs (especially for typhoid), equipment for maternity wards and hospitals)
    • agricultural supplies (seeds, feed, veterinary supplies)

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There are no special customs regulations enacted for the current crisis

  • The Republic of Tajikistan’s customs regulations state: In accordance with Article 345 item 3.6 of Customs Code certain goods are exempted from customs duties. Customs duties shall not be levied when importing:
    1) goods as humanitarian aid or goods transferred free of charge to state bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan
    2) goods intended for implementation of target projects approved by the Government of The Republic of Tajikistan on the expenses (within) of grants and (or) credits (lending) provided by legal or natural persons, foreign states, governments of foreign states or by international organizations


Who works in Tajikistan?

Search this page on the Global Hand website to find organisations responding to the crisis, or which are routinely active in Tajikistan. Some are listed below.

  • UN Tajikistan Information Platform
    This is virtual home of the UN Coordination Unit, developed to serve the information needs of the international community and Government of Tajikistan on humanitarian and development issues.

E-mail: khusrav.sharifov@undp.org


  • ReliefWeb’s Tajikistan update
    ReliefWeb is a United Nations website providing information to humanitarian relief organisations. Updated daily, the website includes press releases, policy documents and situation reports regarding current disasters.
  • Alertnet
    Alernet is a humanitarian news network based around a website which contains regularly updated information regarding current crisis.
  • Save the Children’s Tajikistan Update


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