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PKO is a legally registered Local Non-Government Organization (LNGO) created following the exit of a French organization, Enfants Réfugiés du Monde “ERM”, which had been working in Cambodia since 1997. Upon ERM’s exist in October 2005, projects were handed to the newly established PKO, which has continued their important mission ever since. Many members of staff date back to the original entrance of ERM to the proince in 1997, giving them a huge amount of experience in the education sector.

PKO operates in Battambang, providing educational and psychosocial support to the province’s many vulnerable children by developing and managing educational programs in line with government policy that respond to the needs of the children. The organization plans to publish its first annual report early next year.

PKO currently employs around 60 members of staff. A board of directors acts as the supreme body, while an executive director is in charge of the management of the organization, and is accountable to the board of directors. Under the executive director are an administration and finance manager, and a program manager, who each oversee numerous other positions. All members of staff hold appropriate qualifications and experience for their position in the organization. The organization’s annual budget is around USD $600,000. The administration and finance manager and their team are responsible for managing the budget and keeping the organization’s finance records. PKO is currently in the process having its first external financial audit conducted, which will be completed by feb 2014.



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500,000 - 1 million

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-PKO is a leader of Battambang Education Support Team "BEST" an Education NGOs coalition. -Member of NGOs Education Partnership "NEP" -Member of Play Foundation -Member of International Play Foundation

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