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Teaching material, techincal equipment and funding for Vocational Training Centre in Kinshasa, Congo


Education is a fundamental right for every human being. It constitutes the key factor to poverty reduction and sustainable human development. The State has the primary responsibility to provide basic good-quality education. However, this is not the case in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Due to...

Financial Assistance for the construction of Barr christian vocational center in Uganda


Help the youth, orphans, vulnerable children and women who have been in the internally displaced camps in Northern Uganda to train them to be self reliant in the community. Because of no classrooms, the training is always done under the trees in the compound of the church and the number of...

Volunteers for the promotion of computer and literacy skills in Uganda


Aims of Maendeleo foundation are: 1) to provide computing equipment to local schools, public libraries and university’ centers for lifelong learning located in rural areas of Uganda. 2) to teach children and adults from poor communities basic computer skills which will allow them: a) to have...

Funding partnership for expanding home and community based support services in Kenya


Kitengela Orphan Children targets directly 250 orphaned and vulnerable children seeking to strengthen primary prevention of child abuse and early childhood intervention initiatives focusing on families with children of ages 0-6 years. The proposed project will be based at community level in...

Sanitary pads for school girls in Kenya


The objective of the project is to provide sanitary pads to the marginalized girls and educate them on sexual and reproductive rights. Provision of sanitary pads will empower them, enhance their dreams, and eventually helps in economic development. The project also aims at training and...

Help poor children with HIV/AIDS to access education in Uganda


The problem of Bukasa community is that most people are poor, living at the shores of lake Victoria. The big population numbers were attracted by the fishing activity in early 80s, and because there was lack of information about HIV/AIDS, it was said it was witch craft, led to very high spread of...

Funding needed for Mubende College of Health Sciences (MUCOHES) in Mubende District, Uganda


Provide the district of Mubende with locally educated health workers, who are urgently needed. At the moment FADO contracts nurses and midwives from Kampala to assist in screening women. As Mubende is one of the biggest districts in Uganda with poor road infrastructure, the health centers are...

Financial support for Kivandeni orphan, street children and youth project in Kenya


Help 450 identified children (orphans and street children) who lack proper food, schooling and clothing. Kivandeni Orphan Children Foster Care is a Christian humanitarian community based organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities in Kenya to reach their full...

Construction of fostering youth education center in Tanzania


Help youth by reducing the economic and social problems they have such as lack of employment opportunities, lack of or inadequate social facilities. Fostering Youth Education center project, is a project of youth association for change organization (YAC), it's a voluntary youth led organization...

Resources for Youth Link Uganda


There is a strong focus on Youth empowerment, with the main aims of the organisation hoping to build the capacity of the youth as a progressive generation, but also helping the whole community to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. Youth Link Uganda is a non government organisation based in...