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Creation of a blood centre and promotion of blood donation in Yaoundé Cameroon


There is a growing demand for blood products (anemia due to malaria, postpartum hemorrhage, road accident and patient under chemotherapy). The lack of a National Blood Transfusion Centre in Cameroon makes it hard to provide blood in quality and quantity for people who need it in our health centers....



The Bridge Of Hope church is a Christian Ministry in northern Uganda.The ministry aims to encourage high moral values and to promote social and economic development through a radio station (Hope FM) and through the activities of the church itself. For 20 years, northern Uganda has been a war zone....

Funding for beekeeping industry in West Nile, Uganda


In such regions like Arua, Maracha & Terego small scale farmers today are looking for ways and means in farming enterprises that can enable them to earn reasonable and reliable incomes and improve the welfare of their families. Beekeeping is one of such farm enterprises that a sizable proportion of...

Funding for sending a 40ft container of used bicycles to Africa or Latin-America


Cyclo Nord-Sud collects used bicycles (as well as bike parts, tools and accessories) and ships them to poor communities in the developing world. This way we help poor people by providing a means of transportation and a tool for generating income. We also promote sustainable development based on...

In Need of the Medical Equipment and Funds For the New Infirmary in Cameroon


In Yaounde, Cameroon, our Bendictin monastic community would love to help the public who are in need. We aim at creating a better environment for the brother in charge of health to carry out his work efficiently and also assist the public who come seeking for medical assistance. As we hope that...

At least 5 Gently Used iPads for activities at Mercy Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone


We are looking to implement a new Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) at Mercy Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone. Helping Children Worldwide is an American NGO that seeks to provide hope to impoverished children, their families and communities. The organization currently supports vulnerable...

Funding needed to purchase 150 computers as to facilitate the youth training centre in Uganda


Self Help computer training centre has come up with an innovative program that bridges the technological gap among the society. We offer a variety of programs that serve community youths of every age and background. This particular proposal seeks funding for one of our most important programs, our...

Funding for supporting the poor and disabled in Kampala, Uganda


In Kampala, Uganda, our organization has 152 disabled children that we are trying to help and they are between the ages of 0 – 17years. On addition to that, we also try to help disabled parents and poor parents to children with disabilities. This brings it to a total of 210 members that need a...

Volunteers and funding needed to facilitate 4 projects to protect vulnerable children in Uganda East Africa


Located near Kampala city along Gayaza Road, Can-Uganda is a not for profit community based organization initiated with the plight of transforming the most disadvantaged livelihoods and communities in Uganda East Africa. We aim to protect, rescue and prevent any form of children violence in Uganda....

Financial assistance needed to join efforts with Kasese government to foster active participation of widows and enhances access of poor communities to government services


Kasese District is located in the heart of Rwenzori Mountains region on the periphery of Western Uganda, on the border with Democratic Republic of Congo. The district remains one of the poorest regions in Uganda. The district greatly suffered under Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) armed conflict...