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Almost 14,000 pieces of new crockery from a coffee chain in Sydney, Australia Verified non-profit organisation


A donor company would like to give away crockery with their old branding. The items are all new. The detailed inventory is attached, but the offer includes espresso cups and saucers, regular saucers, plates, rice bowls and tea pots. The items may be sold. The donor is willing to transport...

Free Donations of Vitamins and Deworming for Children and Pregnant Women


If you are an NGO registered in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean or the Middle East, and if you support children under 5 and/or pregnant women in communities of need, you are invited to apply for an annual vitamin grant. If your application is approved, you will receive...

ONGOING OFFER: Refurbished hospital beds and mattresses - for a cost


We refurbish used hospital bed (electric and hydraulic/manual) and they are available to humanitarian projects for a cost per item plus a loading cost. Consignee must also pay customs duties and transport costs. This is not a one- off offer. It is ongoing.