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Wynyard Group is a privately owned company that delivers solutions in over 90 countries in the essential operating areas of risk management, intelligence and investigations.

The Group has joined with SISHA in June 2012 (not-for-profit organization that fights against the exploitation and oppression of men, women and children in South East Asia) in order to tackle the growing global issue of human trafficking and child exploitation.

As well as assisting financial institutions in their fight against money laundering, Wynyard’s solutions currently help national and trans-national agencies investigating human trafficking and organized crime.

Due to the fact that most people do not connect the ill-gotten gains from criminal activity like money laundering to heinous crimes against children, Wynyard Group is in the business of helping stop illicit financial flows and is now supporting SISHA to stop the source.

Thus, by enhancing SISHA’s ability to investigate incidents in an increasingly challenging global criminal environment, Wynyard Group helps SISHA to be even more effective in tackling these offenders.



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