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Top Leaders Pledge to Help Poor Economies to Reap Benefits from Global Trade

Top Leaders Pledge to Help Poor Economies to Reap Benefits from Global Trade a WTO/ADB news release, reports that top global and regional financial officials at a 2007 conference pledged to help small and weak states in Asia and the Pacific build and strengthen capacity to benefit from trade and...

Free trade helps reduce poverty, says new WTO secretariat study

Free trade helps reduce poverty, says new WTO secretariat study, a WTO news article published in 2000, reports a study published by WTO Secretariat that finds that trade liberalisation helps poor countries to catch up with rich ones and that this faster economic growth helps to alleviate poverty.

WTO Director-General Mike Moore calls for increased trade liberalisation to help finance development

WTO Director-General Mike Moore calls for increased trade liberalisation to help finance development, a news article, reports that the then WTO Director-General Mike Moore said trade liberalisation can make a huge contribution to the generation of resources for the financing of development. But Mr...

Making Agricultural Trade Reform Work for the Poor

Making Agricultural Trade Reform Work for the Poor, a position paper of the International Food&Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC), brings together what is known about the link between agricultural trade reform and poverty alleviation, and about how developing countries can successfully...

Make a difference this Fairtrade Fortnight with Starbucks

In November 2008, Starbucks announced that 100% of the espresso coffee sold – both wholebean and espresso-based beverages – in Starbucks stores in the UK and Ireland will become both Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ and Fairtrade Certified by the end of 2009.

Guide to Funding and Participation in European Union Programs

This guide is aimed at NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. It aims to give an overview of those EU programmes that are open to such organisations.

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development federation which provides skilled volunteers to advise and train local individuals within developing countries.

BBC report: ''Doubts over Mexican GM maize report''

BBC article on whether genetically modified (GM) crops in Mexico have contaminated wild maize (corn). The suggestion that the GM corn may have come to Mexico as part of food aid highlights the need for careful planning in choosing appropriate aid.

UNOSAT Satellite imagery for all

UNOSAT is a United Nations programme created to provide the international community and developing countries with enhanced access to satellite imagery and Geographic Information System (GIS) services. These tools are used mainly in humanitarian relief, disaster prevention and post crisis...

Embassy of Belgium / Representation to Afghanistan

The site provides information about contacts, forms, procedures and visas needed for travel to and from Belgium. It also provides the addresses and telephone numbers for the Belgian Embassy in Afghanistan.

Ownership and partnership : does the new rhetoric solve the incentive problems in aid?

The more recent accentuation of concepts such as "national ownership" and "partnership" among development agencies reflects a concern for bringing in a new dynamic in the way donors and recipients of aid relate. There is causal link between the effectiveness of aid and the way it is delivered. The...

OAG Flight Information

OAG (Official Airline Guide) provides information on all scheduled flights worldwide.

Relief & Development Directories

Relief&Development Directories, published by the Winchester Group, equip the international aid community with a single, up-to-date reference source, containing contact details and key information (including email and web addresses) on all organisations involved in the provision of aid and...

Turismo Verde

Turismo Verde is a travel website providing a listing of numerous airlines and airports from all over the world.

German Foundations Index

German Foundations Index, maintained by the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen (Association of German Foundations), provides links to over 330 German non-profit foundations.

United Nations Conferences and Events

This United Nations page lists upcoming UN conferences and events, on a variety of topics, including humanitarian issues. A list of exhibitions is also included, as well as an archive section containing minutes from past conferences.

Baltic Sea Customs Conference - Lithuania

Representatives from the customs administrations of the Baltic Sea States together with the EU Commission attended this conference. They discussed and evaluated the progress made since the previous Conference in 1999. The site contains contact details for customs offices in Lithuania and ten other...

UNOCHA Customs Directory

To assist those requiring information for shipping goods during disasters, UNOCHA provides contact details for the state customs departments. Where available, this online directory also lists customs regulations that are relevant to humanitarian cargo.

BBC micro enterprise article: "Tales of Africa's entrepreneurs"

BBC News Online says that while the world's leaders are "thrashing out strategies to improve the plight of the poor in Africa", many aid agencies are stressing that genuine progress must come from "small-scale projects as well as large international initiatives". The article then tells the tale of...

ALNAP (Active Learning Network for Accountability & Performance in Humanitarian Action)

ALNAP is a network for humanitarian agencies, including members from donor, NGO, Red Cross/Crescent, UN and independent/academic organisations. The network is dedicated to improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian action, through the key themes of Evaluation, Learning, Participation...