Knowledge for Children Uganda

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Our Mission is to invest in Quality Education for children in rural areas by building a platform that operates professionally and emphasizes on results. Knowledge for Children focuses on promoting the involvement and self-reliance of the local community by a financial co-investment concept and by working through strong partnerships with education organizations. We aim to improve the quality of Primary Education and give as many children as possible a better future.

Our vision is to invest in the knowledge of children and the knowledge of teachers, parents and local communities as a whole. By investing in knowledge; Knowledge for Children contributes to communities’ self-reliance and improves the quality of education. In cooperation with and support of the government and our partners, Knowledge for Children wants to raise the level of education to a structurally higher level in the rural areas of Uganda, Kenya and Cameroon.


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Knowledge for Children Uganda

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Less than 500,000

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We are a member of Masaka City NGO forum a network of local civil society organization that bring about social accountability and promoting child protection and advocacy around greater Masaka.

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Community development; Education and training; Human rights

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